My Go Belt Review

Go Belt

I often wear outfits that don’t have pockets. It’s impractical, I know, but those are my cutest outfits!

This does not combine well with also hating to carry a purse. A purse gets in the way, but if I set it down anywhere, I might forget it.

Typically, my solution to this dilemma has been to make my husband keep my stuff in his jacket pockets every time we go somewhere. The thing is, it’s annoying to always be asking him for my stuff, because it isn’t on me, and it’s also unfair for me to ask him to carry it all for me.

When I saw an advertisement for Go Belt, I decided to try it out, since it seemed like exactly what I needed. Plus, it was only $10 and they were doing a buy one get one free deal, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

Normally I’m apprehensive about As Seen On TV products, but Go Belt is one product I’m really glad I took a chance on, because it works just as it’s supposed to.

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What is Go Belt and How Does it Work?

The Go Belt is a belt with stretchy, zippered pockets, designed to keep your most important possessions close to you.

Think of it like a fanny pack, but slightly less dorky :p

It has a nice, secure fit and will stay on whether you’re on a run, at the gym, shopping, or just going out for the night.

I’ve used mine to hold everything from my keys to my wallet, cash, credit cards, phone, IDs, makeup, headphones, and any other smaller objects I need to bring out with me.

Go Belt is much more convenient than a big bulky purse and is just overall simple to use.

Pros and Cons of Go Belt

Nothing is perfect, but the pros of Go Belt outweigh the cons by far.

Here’s what I found so far:


  • Stretchy – I don’t have to worry about not being able to fit my money, phone, keys, and coin pouch. Go Belt can hold all of those things!
  • Zippers – This one is a self-explanatory positive. We all hate having stuff fall out of our pockets
  • Thin – If I want to hide it under my clothes, I can with almost any outfit.
  • Lightweight – It doesn’t add to the weight of the stuff you’re trying to carry, so it’s very comfortable.


  • Not sold in stores – This may be an issue if you don’t like to shop online. I personally didn’t have a problem, especially since the deal online was probably better than what a store could offer, anyway.
  • The smallest size it fits is 24 inches – If a kid’s size ever becomes available, I’d love to get one for my daughter, who is old enough to carry her own stuff, but never seems to notice if she drops things. The zippered pockets would be great for her.

Recommended Place to Buy Go Belt?

If you want to order a Go Belt, I’d recommend ordering right from the official website, which is where I got mine from.

Their website has the best deal on Go Belts I could find: two Go Belts for only $10 (just cover the extra shipping).

They will also send you two free Go Wallets (another very useful item) as a bonus. It’s an awesome deal all around.

Final Thoughts

Go Belt has been great every time I go out. I don’t have to worry about carrying a purse when I don’t have pockets, and my husband doesn’t have to get annoyed with me for making him carry all of my stuff.

I definitely recommend it and I’m sure you will be happy with your purchase just like I am.

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Peace of Mind Travel

travelingThe current clothing trend has many pants with no pockets. What about that sundress women love to wear in the summer or those slim leggings?

So how does one carry the simplest necessary items with them if they don’t want to lug a heavy purse or a bulging wallet?

The Go Belt is the answer for hands-free traveling!

My Go Belt is a great place to keep my passport or other ID close by when going through airport security. I used to get so tired of pulling my ticket and ID out two or 3 different times in the process.

Sometimes I would get so rattled in line that I would stuff these important items in a purse pocket. How embarrassing to dig in my purse wondering where I put them. One time I couldn’t find where I had just stashed my drivers license. Fortunately, the airlines allowed me to use another form of identification to board the plane. I did finally find where I put that slim plastic card, however, it was with some panic and stress involved.

Besides, there is not much time or patience for anyone in an airline security check. Generally, I would end up holding up the line with my rummaging around. The Go Belt was my answer. Now I know exactly where I put my ticket and passport. It is so easy to retrieve.

Whether I travel around my state, or longer trips in the United States or other countries, I like to pack light. Carrying a camera is about enough for day trips, but I don’t like to keep my valuables in that case. I like putting my ID’s and hotel keys and money in my Go Belt safely and securely attached to me. I can then enjoy the sites.

I know I will not get so fascinated with my adventures that I put it down and forget where I put my valuables. When these items are securely on my body, it is peace of mind to know they are not going to be stolen either.

Who wants to be stranded in a different town or state, let alone another country with no ID? I certainly don’t.

Go Belts are so comfortable and lightweight I seldom realize it is around my waist. I am able to wear those sundresses and pants without pockets.

This is traveling with a peace of mind and security!

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Hiking and Kayaking – More Situations Go Belt is Useful For

outdoorsHiking and kayaking are two of my favorite summer sports. The dilemma most of the time with either one is where to put my car keys so I won’t accidentally lose them.

I have tried various ways of stashing keys, phone and glasses in my kayak. A waterproof box is really great for most things, but awkward and not always easily accessible.

The Go Belt is so handy because my keys, sunscreen, and lip balm can go right around my waist. Keeping my car keys in a safe place is very important. I can only imagine the nightmare if I tipped over and lost my car keys in the river.

With the belt around my waist, I can grab lip balm or sunscreen often and keep from being sunburned. Even my sunglasses can be kept in the pouch.

The same is true with hiking. Personally, hiding my keys somewhere on or close to my car is not an option. I am a person who likes to have valuables on me.

When hiking, the Go Belt is so handy to hook on my water bottle and take a small granola bar as well. It is so comfy without bouncing and bruising me as I walk those mountain trails.

Sometimes I like to fish, both when I hike and when I am kayaking. This little belt allows me to take a couple of different lures with me. I can keep my hands free to cast my line into the water.

The Go Belt is so handy with many uses! I love it for my outdoor activities.

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Go to the Carnival with Go Belts

carnivalI love carnivals and amusement park rides. The problem is many of those rides need the use of two hands to hang on.

So tell me what does one do with a women’s purse or a man’s wallet? Those items are just not good for crazy gravitational pull rides.

What is a good option to hold money, tickets, your cell phone or other little items? Asking a stranger to hold your personal possessions just is not a good idea.

Well, of course, the Go Belt is perfect! No matter how much you whirl and twirl your important items will remain safely on your body.

I don’t know how many times I have gotten off of rides that turn you upside down and out comes the change and your car keys. Notice when you get off those rides you are allowed to pick up your keys but no money. You may know how much you lost but it is no longer yours.

The Go Belt takes care of all that lost change and dollar bills as well. You can keep your hard earned money.

As a parent, taking your kids to the amusement park without a cumbersome purse is wonderful. You can keep both your hands on your children and go on rides with them. Yet, when you need more funds to eat or get more tickets for the next ride, they are right in your belt.

There are no distractions wondering if someone is trying to steal out of your purse. Besides, who likes slogging around a heavy purse, when you want to have fun?

The carnival is a much safer and more enjoyable place with the use of a Go Belt.

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The Go Belt…a modern twist on the standard waist pack

Go Belt reviewsI just saw this totally cool-looking accessory online and thought I should give it a try. I’m a frequent traveler and an outdoorsy person. I’m always needing a place to stash stuff while still keeping my hands free. The Go Belt is just the thing!

Basically, the Go Belt is like a tiny adjustable waist pack that has zippered pockets, but the best feature is the little pockets stretch to handle larger things, like your cell phone, your keys…almost anything of small or medium size that you might keep in a purse, pocket or briefcase. This is really handy for when I’m at the airport and need to have my ID and a few things with me, but have to remove items to go through security.

It can be worn underneath jackets and shirts when you need to keep money or valuables or other things discreetly hidden. It has a clip that’s easy to undo, for quick on and off. I like the fact that it is soft and you can actually wear it against your skin if you need to.

I can see this as being a really helpful product for a wide variety of people and uses. Sportsmen, runners, joggers, and moms on the go! Office people and field workers. It has a lot of potential.

As I said, the Go Belt is soft to wear. It is also very flexible and can be worn a number of ways and with different waist sizes, but it does have its limits. It won’t work for smaller children or adults with waists larger than 40 inches. It also comes in a very limited number of colors right now. Maybe that will change as more people discover this product.

While this product isn’t exactly revolutionary, the modern features of high-tech stretchy fabrics and a wide range of adjustments make this a product that is definitely worth trying. I would say it is a must for the regular traveler.

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Why Go Belt is Just What I Have Been Searching For…

Go Belt reviewI have personally never been a fan of purses. They are a catch all for everything, from empty gum wrappers, to pens that eventually seem to just fall apart within the purse and make a mess everywhere. And don’t even get me started on compact cases, yikes. I have several purses that have become the sad tragedy of an exploded powder case or lipstick tube.

Then there is the fact that I hate having anything hanging from my arm or shoulder. It just seems like such a nuisance and it’s always there, forcing me to settle it on my hip or hold it under my arm as I tried to walk casually along.

I could never get that cavalier attitude that most women have. And because there is just no way to get everything in your pockets (because you either don’t have any, or you just have entirely too much stuff) it is necessary to keep it all somewhere.

Anyways, for years I would use backpacks. Sometimes they were small, barely fit your wallet size, and other times they would be a standard size. But always I had something slung across my back. That is until one day when I was standing in the subway, during after work rush hour, minding my own business, when someone managed to zip my back open, and steal my wallet!

Since it was noisy and bustling and crowded, I of course did not notice the discrepancy until I stopped off at my favorite deli on the way home and found that I no longer had any means to pay for my sandwich. And then I had to go through all the effort of replacing all my cards and IDs. So frustrating!

After this, my sister happened to see an advertisement for one of these Go Belts, and she encouraged me to buy it with her.

She was planning to get one for herself for use while she would go running. She likes to run 10Ks and half marathons, so it made a lot of sense for her.

We bought our Go Belts together, and quite honestly, I haven’t looked back since. It tucks nicely under whatever shirt I am wearing, and I can wear it everywhere. It stores all of my necessities and deters away from collecting any additional things that aren’t required, which is perfect for me because I am something of a clutter magnet.

And I don’t have to worry about any slippery fingers getting that close to my person. Love it!

So if you can’t tell, I highly recommend getting Go Belt if you can relate to any of the scenarios I mentioned above. You won’t be disappointed.

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